Water Attitude Reset

  • Lecture and Discussion
  • by Willem and Myisha in coöperation with GroenGoed
  • Sunday 8 Augustus, 17:00 Pijnackerplein

Come and join the open air lecture + discussion about water management in Bangladesh and the Netherlands. It will take place on Sunday August 8th. Dinner from the “No Waste Kitchen” is at 17.00 at Pijnackerplein. The lecture will start afterwards around 18.00 in the “music pavilion”.

Willem and Myisha met coincidentally at a cross road of their own individual journey of understanding the boundless world of ‘Water Resource Management’. They both come from the most dynamic Deltas of the world: Netherlands and Bangladesh. One gloomy mid-March afternoon, as they tried to coin the challenges of the both countries tackling the dramatically changing climate, they came to a conclusion that ‘Water’ was never the problem. Rather it’s the perspective, sensibility and attitude of humans towards this rapidly exhausting resource. Is it water that needs to be managed? Or is it our life strategy that needs to be rethought, reorganized and reset? Willem and Myisha Are still trying to solve this complex puzzle. Join them to share your ideas and help them decode!

We hope to see you there and then!

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